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Fund deposit 存款

Clients may deposit fund into Prior Securities Limited (“Company”) by the following methods: -


1.  Bank transfer 轉帳 

2.  Cheque or Cashier order 支票 或 本票 :  

         The settlement cheque shall be payable to "Prior Securities Limited"


         ** Fund of cheque deposit is unavailable until the cheque is cleared . 交收支票款項要待清算後方可            使用。**

Deposit Bank Account No 存款銀行帳號 : 

銀行 Bank                                               賬號 A/C No                       Currency貨幣           賬戶名稱 A/C Name

Bank of China中國銀行                          012-884-0-013818-2           HKD                         Prior Securities Limited昇悅證券有限公司


銀行 Bank                                               賬號 A/C No                       Currency貨幣           賬戶名稱 A/C Name

Bank of communications交通銀行         027-532-0-211952-9          HKD                         Prior Securities Limited昇悅證券有限公司

Confirmation of Fund Deposit存款確認

- Please write down clearly the Client name and Account no. on the pay-in slip, and fax it to Settlement       Department before 4:00 p.m. on deposit day.

- 客戶請於存款收據上清楚寫上客戶名稱及賬戶號碼,必需在存款當日的下午四時前,傳真至本公司的交收     部。    

- If client cannot fax the pay-in slip to our Company, please call Settlement Department or your AE for         confirmation of fund deposit.

- 如客戶未能傳真收據至本公司,請致電本公司交收部或你的客戶經紀確認存款。   


Settlement Department Tel  交收部電話 : (852) 3899 7078

                                     Fax            傳真  : (852) 3899 7012

                                     Email         電郵  :


- Clients shall pay the settlement amount on or before 4:00 p.m. on T+2. If Clients fail to pay the settlement amount on or before 10:00 a.m. on T+3,       the stocks will force-sold by our Company without further notice.                      

- Clients must maintain sufficient available fund balance in the securities trading account before you make a bought transaction

- Cash deposit is not accepted

- Our Company does not accept deposit from third party(parties)

註 :  

- 客戶必需在 T+2  交收日(即交易日之後的第二個交易日)下午四時前結算應付的款項。如客戶未能在 T+3  (即交易日之後的第三個交易日) 上午十時或之   前結算應付的款項,本公司將在限期後即時強制沽售。

- 客戶必須備存有足夠的交易貨幣之現金結餘方可進行證券買賣交易。

- 現金存款恕不接受。

- 本公司只接受客戶以本人名義存入款項,第三者存入款項恕不接受。

Fund Withdrawal提款


Clients may withdraw surplus fund from the securities trading account by the following methods : -


1.  Call Settlement Department or your AE to make instruction 致電本公司交收部或你的客戶經紀作出指          示。

2.  Complete “Fund Withdrawal Form” and fax it to Settlement Department 填寫「提款表格」並傳真致本        公司交收部

Settlement Department Tel     交收部電話 : (852) 3899 7078

                                      Fax              傳真  : (852) 3899 7012

                                      Email           電郵  : 

                                      Settlement   交收款項:  The cheque will be deposited into the designated bank                                                                                 account of client



-  Please submit your request on or before 11: 00 am, Monday - Friday, for same day execution. All instructions received after 11:00 am, Saturday Sunday and Public Holiday will be processed at the next working day. 

-  Our Company will not issue cheque payable to third party

註 :

- 星期一至星期五 上午十一時前收到的指示會即日辦理。上午十一時後,星期六日及公眾假期收到的指示則將不遲過第二個工天辦   理 。

- 本公司不會發出第三者為抬頭的支票。 

Stock Deposit 股票存入

1.       Physical Stock Deposit 實物股票存入

          Completing and signing 須填寫 :  

          ”Physical Stock Deposit Form ” 「實物股票存入表格」,and 及

          ”Standard Form of Transfer ” 「轉讓書」  


          Please return or fax the form to Settlement Department for the process. 


          Fax傳真 : (852) 3899 7012


-  The deposited stock cannot be traded until 7 working days after accepted by the Share Registrar.

-  For same day settlement of securities , the form must be returned or faxed to our Company by 12:00 noon.

註 : 



2.       Settlement Instruction 轉倉指示

            Completing and signing須填寫 : 

          ”Settlement Instruction (SI) / Investor Settlement Instruction (ISI) Form”「交收指示(SI)/投資者交收指           示(ISI)表格」

          Please return or fax the form to Settlement Department for the process. The stock will be                             transferred by other Licensed Corporation / Registered Institution to the client’s securities account             with our Company via the Central Clearing And Settlement System (CCASS). 

            請把表格交回本傳真致本公司交收部代為辦理,本公司會透過中央結算系統將客戶存放於其他持牌法團或註冊機構股票轉               移到本公司 。

            Fax 傳真 : (852) 3899 7012

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